Firefly All Colleagues Will Focus On Overcoming The Difficulties!

As the world's leading spark detection enterprise, firefly has close cooperation with the communication platform leading the industry development trend. For example, the global environmental protection brand fair, the international woodworking exhibition, and the paper for daily use Expo have built an ecological docking platform for the environmental protection industry and end users in the whole industry chain of environmental pollution control, helping the country win the environmental pollution To make contribution to the national environmental protection cause.


In 2019, firefly exhibition platform statistics: Shanghai Environmental Expo, Wuhan tissue Expo, Suzhou Industrial Union environmental protection exhibition, Changsha Industrial Union environmental protection exhibition, Shanghai dust explosion-proof exhibition, Shanghai International Woodworking exhibition. In addition, we are developing into food industry, tobacco industry, bioenergy and other industries, striving to become China's new business card in various industries facing the world, and outlining the green ecological future for the global environmentalists. At the same time, on the basis of the exchange platform of environmental industry development trend, we can work closely with excellent environmental equipment manufacturers, design consulting service units, engineering construction units, environmental comprehensive service providers, etc., and contribute to the industry fire prevention through the customized solutions of fireflies.


In 2020, this is a - an extraordinary year, the current national solidarity, the tzu chi Chicago and new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak battle win outbreaks war is the most important work, all colleagues of the fireflies will coagulation hearts meet force, overcome the difficulties! In order to fight against the new crown virus outbreak was scheduled date of the exhibition has delayed, fireflies exhibition of exhibitors is at present: guangzhou woodworking furniture exhibition (temporarily not determine the launch date), ring of Shanghai expo (date of 6.10 to 6.12), nanjing daily paper expo (date) at 6.24-6.26).

Fireflies news will continue to update the latest information, and industry leaders in the same industry elite to share ideas, thoughts collision platform, expect to show great, become "technology - product -" a unified industry learning platform.


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